About Us

About Us

Who we are? what we do?

Who we are? what we do?

theWildTimes is a place to discover, be inspired and connect with the good things in life…

We are a independent social media hub & event ticketing platform transmitting high quality events and engaging content. You’ll find essential events, reviews to previews, interviews to insights and tips to trends from a plethora of cultural worlds, keeping you informed with everything you need to know about your preferred lifestyle sector in real time, direct from the source and all under one roof.

theWildTimes is penned by creatives, industry specialists, world-wide tastemakers and clued-up insiders. We broadcast music, art, fashion, film, design, travel, nightlife, escapes, adventure sports, theatre, food/drink and body/soul, all the wild and wonderful things that we love.

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Wild Community

Wild Community

Set up a community: Once your wild community page has been approved, you can start connecting to new audiences within our world, engage your existing fans from other social media networks and sell tickets to your events. Wild community page tools allow you to build and increase your fan-base via the site and reach out to followers through instant update broadcasts into their live feeds, notifications, sell tickets to events and more. You can create events and sell tickets on the site and share them on other social media platforms. Create news articles & submit for possible site-wide editorial, increasing your pages exposure and enticing more followers. And further coverage is possible through features, video, sound, galleries and competitions. Alternatively, for users wanting to keep things exclusive and under the radar, various secrecy settings allow you to control and target how you communicate with members. If your words, knowledge, insights and creativity rocks our world, you’ll have the chance to become adopted into the Wild family and increase your editorial presence even further.

theWildTimes approve all community page requests to ensure that only the good stuff gets through…

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My Wild

My Wild

As a wild user, you’ll instantly have the capabilities to simply discover all the best things that are going on around our planet and on your doorstep. With a few clicks through your facebook and/or twitter accounts (you can still login via the traditional way), you’ll be connected to theWildTimes and ready to start exploring. By adding favourite communities to your profile and tailoring your region, through a familiar live feed, you’ll receive a live timeline of events, news, updates, media and more. You can connect with like minded wild members, share content and interact with other social media networks and friends.

You'll also be able to buy tickets to a myriad of events. Get connected


For editorial proposals other than news articles, please contact the news desk. For news article submissions, please submit internally through your wild community page(s).

Editorial proposals

Get Involved/Jobs


If you’d like to get involved with words, pictures, music and/or film, please get in touch stating your interests and propositions.

Contributor enquiries


See below for current positions...

Writers: A few opportunities have opened up for freelance writers (both experienced and new) to join The Wild Times team in preparation for their full launch later this year. If you have a breadth of knowledge in electronic music, arts, travel & cultural sectors and have an imaginative and engaging way with the pen, please send through your applications to work(at)thewildtimes.com. Please enclose the following details:

  1. Your preferred interest
  2. Example of any previous work and experience
  3. Your location, email & phone contact

Position is open to both published and new writers. Further details will be relayed on reply to applicants. Stipend depending on experience.

Advertising & media

For all advertising and media partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Advertising & media enquiries


For any issues or questions you may have about the site, please get in touch.

Technical enquiries



To create events on the site and to sell tickets, you first need to be an author and/or admin of a Wild community page. You will then be able to…

Create events on wild and broadcast them to other social media. Invite wild users to events. Select secrecy options to keep events more exclusive. Increase visibility and ranking with attendances and unique impressions. Opportunities for event(s) to be awarded Featured Event, Editor’s Choice or Recommended accolades. Editorial, advertising and media partnership opportunities plus possible inclusion on theWildTimes print edition.

You can also sell tickets to an event - see below in the 'Sell Tickets' sub-section.

theWildTimes approve all event requests to ensure that quality prevails. We are NOT a catch-all listing site, we only include events where we’d be happy to part with our earth pounds…

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Sell Tickets

Promoters and Event Organisers can sell tickets to their events on this site. By setting up a Wild Community page (see above section), promoters/event organisers can submit and apply for a ticket agreement to sell tickets via this site. Once you have an approved Wild Community page, press the Sell Tickets button to navigate you through the set up process and ticket agreement.

Ticket Seller terms and conditions apply.

Various marketing, advertising, promotional and editorial options are available to help enhance sales, see the relevant sections for contact details.

For any ticketing questions for ticket sellers press here. For all other ticketing enquiries press here.


To submit news articles on the site you need to be an author and/or admin of a Wild community page. You will then be able to submit news on theWildTimes and broadcast the article(s) to your wild fanbase and share with other social media. If a story is deemed newsworthy to the general Wild public, the article(s) will be elevated to site-wide broadcast and possible inclusion in the print editions.

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We hope you enjoy your stay – we have plenty more to come…

theWildTimes x