In conversation: Oskar Offermann (WHITE / Berlin)

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Ahead of his London appearance at Dream States for the Kristina Records people this weekend, we had a quick chat with Berlin based WHITE co-conspirer, Oskar Offermann.


Continuing to build WHITE (which he runs together with Edward) into a much revered imprint, his own high-quality productions are evocative, super-deep and bound together with song writing structures that form sublime cuts.


His extended DJ sets at Panorama Bar have further cemented his reputation, he lands in London and enters the tunnel this Saturday night...

How has 2014 treated yourself and your labels so far?

Superb! We did a little update with our artworks and people seemed to like it. Most of our releases were released on vinyl only which was well taken aswell.


You grew up in Frankfurt and experienced the period when the city was leading the way in Germany. Dorian Grey, Omen, XS were just some of the play zones. What is Frankfurt like in terms of electronic music and the scene in 2014?

Currently Frankfurt has a little crises with the older generations. The most popular iconic Frankfurt DJ lives in London these days... many older guys moved to Berlin in the last years. BUT the nice thing is, they make room for some younger folks, like my friends from the labels traffic, sensual and hwsd. And there is still the best club in the world in a town next to Frankfurt - Robert Johnson in Offenbach!


Berlin has been your home for over a decade. Do you feel the city, from a musical & artistic point of view, is progressing in a positive way?

I dunno, is it good for a city that every guy considers being a dj... even grannies do in Berlin. I mean there are so many clubs... so many different nuances, that it can only be good for music. Because music has to be free to be really good.


Where are some of your favourite Berlin hang outs for music/arts/cultural input?

If I really need input, I try to avoid the city. I go into the nature. I like woods very much, ever since I've been a kid. The birds in May, the cool and the silence in winter. I love it. I just talked to my friend Edward about it and we figured that unfortunately most woods around Berlin suck...



What highlights are forthcoming on WHITE?

We have a beautiful 12" coming up from a young guy from Brussels, Cleveland. Also, there are 12"s coming up from Manuel Fischer, Rhythm Factory & Johannes Albert. And then we try to get a big label compilation together for the 2nd half of the year.


And what productions/releases from yourself are incoming over the remainder of this year and beyond?

I will drop a few more releases this year. There is a new Rimini coming up, then I will do a 12 for my friends from Freebase Records in Frankfurt, one for a spanish label called Riverette, and 2 x 12"'s for Thema are also planned currently. And of course a few remixes are also in the pipeline... :)


You mention your love and appreciation for incorporating song writing structures into electronic music production. Which artists/producers are you enjoying listening to at the moment who deploy such creative methods?

Currently I listen to lots of older psychedelic or new agey stuff like Santana, Deuter, Alice Coltrane, Paul Winter... there are still some modern favs, like Kelela, How To Dress Well, Blood Orange, the log.os, Ryan Teague and so on...


You have been immersed in the music industry for a long time so would have experienced many different countries and cities evolving their electronic music scenes. How do you and your Berlin peers view London's contribution at present with regards to producers, labels, DJ's and parties?

Oh London is huge in electronic music these days, isn't it. There is so much interesting music coming from there. Especially when it come to more contemporary music... :)


Finally, you land in the Capital this Saturday to play Dream States. Where do you intend to transport our minds?

Onto mars maybe? :) I really can't tell right now since I have never been to that place! It always depends on the room and the people. DJs work with the energies within that room. So it is hard for me to tell ya before...


Oskar Offermann plays Dream States on Saturday 31st May at Dance Tunnel. See below for event details and ticket options.

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