In Conversation: Alan Fitzpatrick (Whistleblower / ESD / Drumcode)

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Our paths missed the last time influential UK techno artist Alan Fitzpatrick landed in London. Fortunately, he's back again on Saturday 19th July to put Fabric's room two sound-system through its paces. The South Coast DJ & producer continues to impress, unleashing his varied techno manifestations upon the planets finest dance floors. WT had a quick chat with him to get the lowdown on his new production project, new label, his favourite places, inspirations and his DJ's DJ.

Our friends Chris Colburn and Ian Void ran some cool techno parties on the South Coast many moons ago, introducing us to the scene down there. How is the regions electronic/techno climate in 2014?
Southampton has a large student community so the night life is very strong, a lot more on the tip of House/Deep House and commercial EDM at present. There are no real techno parties in Southampton. BUT some really cool events like the Warehouse parties and the regular boat parties.
Can you tell us some more about your new 'Customer' project and Whistleblower imprint?
Customer is myself and Reset Robot, we work together a lot anyway but it's about time we did something more official that we can tour with. Our new label 'Whistleblower' is also co-owned by Rhymos, this will be a home to all of the Customer stuff as well as signings from new and veteran producers.
Where has your favourite gig so far this year been?
I Would have to say the other week at Awakenings festival in Holland. Such a great energy from the huge crowd, the sun was shining and the place was full of smiles. I uploaded some great pics of this event on my FB page.
Which labels and artists are currently doing the damage for you?
Too many to mention I think but artist-wise; Shed, Ben Sims, NX1, Trus'Me and NPhonix.
Which new producers from the South Coast should we be listening out for? And from further afield?
For the South coast I would have to say Rhymos. He is really killing it at the moment. Outside of Southampton, I think I have been really impressed with the music from Deepchild and also Cleric. Both making bombs!
What does the rest of summer 2014 have in store for yourself and your labels?
For Whistleblower we have some remixes coming from Spectral's Mark E and secretsundaze BLM. Also I have just dropped a new VINYL only thing on my ESD label, and I have a release on Cocoon called 'Truant' which is due anytime now. Touring wise I have a busy summer of festivals, Ibiza and club shows which I am very excited about.
You travel the globe to power a multitude of dancefloors. Which destinations/venues are top of the list?
I love travelling and playing all over the world so its hard to pick a favourite but I love being in Argentina, Stuttgart, Berlin, New York and Ibiza. Some of my favourite clubs are there.
What is your production set up?
Reason, Adam A7x Monitors, Macbook and two 27' Screens.

You'll be reverberating Fabric / London room two on Saturday 19th July alongside Terry Francis and Jon Rundell. What do you love most about playing in the Capital?
I have a big following in London so it's always a good show, great to see a lot of familiar faces. It's one of the most educated crowds you will ever play to and it's close enough for my friends from home to come too.
Do you think the current state of techno is in a healthy place and who is advancing this music into new and exciting territories?
It's always in a healthy place in my eyes. I am busier than ever and I am always travelling to new and exciting places. If I use that as a guide then I think its going 100% in the right direction.
Which artists and DJ's do you continue to draw inspiration from?
DVS1 is an inspiring dj for me, a genius at working it. I call him the dj's dj! Four Tet is another artist who always surprises me. I love his work.
Do you have any future plans to (or any inclination to) launch your own event brand/series?
Maybe. I am just too busy with other things right now. But I am sure I will at some point. We do plan to do some Whistleblower events and I would love to have an FM radio show.
You play regularly at the Drumcode nights. Any new residencies in the pipeline?
I am also a resident at Lehmann Club in stuttgart which is great, and I play a lot of clubs on a regular yearly basis… most places at least twice a year.
Going on reports from your peers, where would you love to play but haven't yet done so?
FUSE belguim, DC10, Coco Rico and I am yet to play Monegros Festival.
Your unsung techno hero(es) are?
Dave Robertson (aka Reset Robot) has been instrumental in a LOT of peoples careers….. he is a hero.

Alan Fitzpatrick plays Fabric London on Saturday 19th July with Craig Richards, Zip, Soul Capsule (Baby Ford & Thomas Melchior), Terry Francis and Jon Rundell. Watch this space for future Whistleblower and ESD releases.

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