Making Love In Public Spaces: Love Fever in Conversation

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'Raw, one blown out speaker, some space cadets, some nudity...'

Delve a little deeper into London's electronic nightlife community and look in the opposite direction and you will discover some proper intimate parties bubbling under. One such place of revelry is Love Fever, a nomadic soiree that has enchanted the capital with scintillating parties for quite some time, with a mantra and mission to Make Love In Public Spaces.

Conjured by Andy Bird, Sheff & Kasra V, the LF crew have cooked up the perfect storm where the focus and energy lies within the atmosphere, location, vibe, crowd and residents - any special guest(s) enhances the party rather than forms the bases of it.

This Saturday 9th August they take things to another level by returning to Oval Space for big room rave and outside terrace action for a special Day and Night session. Prins Thomas, Point G (live), San Soda, The Mole (live), John Daly (live), Max Graef, Fantastic Man, Simoncino, Ben Sun and Son Of Sun all take centre stage alongside Andy and Kasra who perform under their new Visions guise. We caught up with the duo ahead of the party to ask what's next on their vinyl only label (Love Fever Records) and to unearth some of their love...

Where have you found musical love this summer in London?
A: In parks, on boats, not really been to many clubs in London this year, scene’s a bit flat, so pushing it out there a bit, getting out of London when we can and looking at a few other options far and wide to bring back a bit of drama… Getting harder and harder to get motivation for the same old venues, same guests and sound systems that London’s offering right now… A nod though to Colors and Dislocated Disco / Tender Love for doing things properly.
K: Going through back catalogues of my favourite record labels on discogs like always.

We used to run various record labels and a record shop (pre-digital days) so fully appreciate the vinyl challenges that arise in today's digital-led universe. Even with the recent revival of the (vinyl) format, in business terms, it's clearly for love why labels such as yourselves go down the vinyl only path. What are the biggest challenges that you have encountered by choosing this format to release music?
A: I guess it’s partly about education in that if you know good music and the history then you’ve got to. There are so many parties, djs, labels who are just chucking out mediocre euro tech house, bandwagon following Berlin tech house, lazy disco re-edits and that whole thing is both attractive, enveloping and shit. If you know good music, and you know the true way. The toughest thing about vinyl at the moment is dealing with the inept, mostly on holiday French pressing plant.
K: Not knowing how much you should press, sometimes you press a few and that record sells out super quick and sometimes it's the other way around.

The first and last record you bought were?
A: Sam Fox - touch me first crush and first record, Sam Fox - victim of pleasure.. strangely enough I’m more a Linda Lucardi man now.
K: first one was: Escape from new york - fire in my heart. Last one: Kerri Chandler (matrix) - get out

Which are your favourite record stores and which closed down store(s) would you love to reincarnate?
A: Alan’s Records, a1 Records NYC, life moves on wouldn’t reincarnate any of them.
K: I'm not much into record stores as I barely find the stuff I like in them so i mostly buy my records on discogs. But that being said, I went to Love Vinyl the other day to do a Love Fever in-store and was quite surprised to find a few records of some of my beloved labels such as Bottom Line, Madhouse, etc.

What do you love about record shops, vinyl and their culture? And do you love or loath the digital music shopping experience?
A: Quite simply spending time finding things that other people haven’t got…. Digital music or DJs I’ve nothing against, I’m awful at organising it and don’t have the time for trawling the internet any more, or staying on top of any promos I’m sent. But it has it’s place. I’ve just got better music than them due to time spent looking through record shops for 18-20 years and doing it properly.
K: Finding random records that I would never find out about and seeing the artwork of those records. I'm into digital shopping too, I reckon people need to accept technology sometimes.

Which DJs/Producers/Live Acts/Labels have you recently fallen in love with?
A: Palm Trax, John Daly for the live act, Hall & Oates, and Little Dragon smashed it live when I saw them.
K: Blaze, I knew about them from before but a few months ago I checked their discography and I still cant get over the amount of amazing tracks that they have made.

Who is your all time DJ who truly embodies the art and craft of mixing records?
K: Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish in mid 90s.

What releases do you have forthcoming on your label and what other future LF happenings are on the radar?
K: We have releases by Kim Ann Foxman, John Daly and Citizen coming out soon, they are all really good and my personal favourite is a track by john Daly called 'Shine'.

Which film or book would best describe a Love Fever party?
K: I'll leave this question to Andy but I bet he says the party scene in "Frantic".
A: Haha, yeah Frantic.

Which LF party has been the most memorable?
K: Last valentines party we did at an amazing loft space, it was just the residents and the sound and venue looked amazing. We played vinyl all night and I got to play most of the records I have been buying over the past few months.

You have your Day & Night extravaganza coming up at Oval Space.You have done a few events here now, what do you love most about this location?
K: The smoking area outside and the view from the dj booth when the room is full.

If you could transform any London location into a Love Fever rave space it would be?
A: We nearly did a party that overlooked the house of commons and parliament square which would have been great. I always used to love the Hoxton Pimps / Funkin Pussy type takeovers of spaces you couldn’t get away with any other time of the year on NYE's. So maybe some kind of office canteen or city of london space. Parties are best when they’ve got a bit of a rough around the edges / naughty edge too them. We’ve an eye on a couple more strip clubs too for some bits. That one was fun. Never really see the fun in parties with laminated don’t put your drink here notices, or crowd barriers in front of the speakers, etc. Raw, one blown out speaker, some space cadets, some nudity.
K: The box in soho.

Which area of London's nightlife scene (if any) could do with a little more love?
A: I’ll be diplomatic for once and say no comment on this. But all of it. Part of the reason in really pushing the label side of stuff is to start to give us a few more options to play with brand wise rather than getting sucked down that route of being judged by your next party, and locked in a 6 way tussle to try and book someone this decade, which is just boring.
K: Big clubs who just book big djs week in week out and don't have residents. Clubs need to give more attention to having good resident djs rather than just booking big names.

Which 4 records might play on a sunny afternoon? At sunset? At 3am? At sunrise?
K: Sunny afternoon: Blaze - Lovelee Dae. Sunset: Francois K - Hypnodelic. 3am: Ray Parker Jr. - I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone. Sunrise: Sade - Paradise.

The world really needs a lot of love right now. Which record would you select to broadcast across the planet to help manifest maximum love?
K: art of noise - moments in love

Lover Fever Day & Night takes place at Oval Space, London, on Saturday 9th August from 2pm - 6am. See here for full event details and remaining tickets.

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