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Philadelphia-born producer Jay Haze has collaborated with ESB (Electric Sound Broadcast) aka Elan Benaroch to conjure a ten track long player titled 'Finding Oriya' that's due out on Matt Tolfrey's Leftroom imprint on the 10th November...

Finding Oriya is the musical culmination of the journey towards fatherhood for Haze. During a period of self- discovery while travelling in the mountains of North America and Peru, the artist found out about the impending birth and decided life changes were needed. It was during his time spent in Vancouver, initially heading to the city for an intensive detox, that Haze met Elan (ESB), the pair struck up a deep connection which quickly led to recording sessions at Open Studios. Fast-forward 30 straight days in the lab, jamming with outboard equipment, experimenting with live instrumentation and recording audio with a smoothly flowing workflow, the resultant outcome is ‘Finding Oriya’.

After the finished product was conceived the next step was the placement of the project, and after speaking with Matt Tolfrey and him voicing his passion and interest in the project, Leftroom quickly became the perfect fit. Jay was reassured it would have a good home and Matt’s receptiveness to the visual / video and photography aspects of the project meant his creativity would be allowed to flourish.

Ahead of the release, we had a quick chat to the Tuning Spork and Contexterrior head honcho...

w: How has 2014 been for you?
jh: It has had its ups and down, I am adjusting to new life both with greater purpose, as always looking forward to more.

w: What's happening / forthcoming on Tuning Spork and Contexterrior?
jh: We have lots planned, just need a little more time to get the ball rolling. Working a bit more capital to realize the dreams we have with the label from now on.

w: Can you expand on your journey that forged the concept / planted the seed for your new album?
jh: Well, the album was very natural and it didn't start with a concept. It was more just he and I getting to know each other. Once we had enough music, that's when we thought seriously about it being an album. I think the best albums work out like this.

w: When and where did you first meet Elan Benaroch?
jh: I met him through a mutual friend and within hours we had already made a song!


w: What were your travel highlights of North American & Peru?
jh: I love being in the mountains as much as possible, I like to climb high peaks and spend time there thinking about time and existence. Everything is in perspective for me there.

w: The current world of electronic music can be a seductive and hyperreal place. How/where/when do you disconnect / ensure a life balance?
jh: I think the best way is to manage a good diet first, as clubbing and partying can lead some to a not too healthy lifestyle. But other than that stay dancing!

w: Describe 'Finding Oriya'
jh: Finding Oriya was a a journey for me, it was the end of one era and perhaps the beginning of a more meaningful one!

w: What's next for Jay Haze?
jh: I never really know, but I think there will be lots of music, photograph and film.

w: When are you coming back to London?
jh: As soon as possible you know I love it there!

w: Which current artists / DJ's / Live acts are blowing your mind?
jh: I would say Bruno Pronsato and he has been for years. Also Audio Werner is kick-ass live, along with Rico Loop and Wareika.

Audio Werner

w: Where or what has inspired you the most this year?
jh: My little daughter named Lara Oriya! She makes me smile every 5 minutes at least.

w: Anything else you'd like to add / comment?
jh: Not much really, just that I hope people enjoy the album and share it with friends.

Jay Haze & ESB "Finding Oriya L.P" is released on Leftroom on the 10th November 2014.

1. Intro
2. Wail Away Baby
3. Can’t Keep Giving In
4. Founded In Y ou
5. Friday Always Remembers
6. Darkness Inside
7. Refine To Deepness feat Tyler
8. The Other Day
9. Finding Oriya
10. Outro

Jay Haze is in the UK on Saturday 15th November to play the [anon.] 5th birthday at Lab11, Birmingham.

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