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For the 81st chapter of Fabric's esteemed mix series the baton is handed to Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey to pen a scintillating instalment for the London club. Forging his musical roots in Nottingham, the now London based producer / DJ / label owner remains at the forefront of where things are at. Since his debut at fabric in 2004, he has been a regular party starter for them - his mix has been a long time coming...

“fabric 81 is the mix I’ve been hoping to achieve my whole career... It’s always hard to tell a full story when you’re restricted by the length of a CD, but by editing nearly all the tracks on the mix, I was able to fit it all in.”

Ahead of his official launch party at the club on Saturday 25th August, we checked in with him again to find out what's going on in his world right now...

Matt Tolfrey

How has 2015 treated you so far?
So far, so good. The weather at the moment couldn't get any better, but obviously it makes it a bit more challenging to get into the studio when you know everyone else is laying in the park. Our Ten Years Of Leftroom tour started off with a bang at BPM in January and it has been all go from there really.

What production highlights do you have forthcoming on your labels?
The next remixes from Jay Haze & ESB's album by Nail and Cottam are next level, and we also have a follow up EP from Detroit's DJ Bone. Jasper James's debut EP with us has just hit the shelves with two JD Twitch/Optimo remixes, and Sam Russo, one of our core artist’s has just released a four track EP on Leftroom Limited.  The lead track 'Your Call' features on my Fabric mix.

Which artists / DJ's are currently on the Matt Tolfrey radar?
Too many to name really... I'm just happy i keep getting sent amazing demos, and we get to keep pushing on. We're just about to release our 4th edition of our 'Extended Family' series which features Hector, Marcman, Montel and Neil Parkes, so we're building a strong crew...

Which personal projects are you most looking forward to this year?
I'm loving the studio at the moment, so expect a lot more from me before the end of the year.  I'm also heavily involved in jozif and mine's 'Kerb Staller' project which we’re debuting live at my Fabric CD launch on the 25th of April.

Summer plans?
Being a dad for the first time, and dipping in and out of Ibiza!!!

You have penned the next chapter for Fabric's mix series and commented that it "is the mix I’ve been hoping to achieve my whole career" - please can you expand on this?
I've been playing at the club for over ten years now, so I was always aiming to achieve my goal of getting asked to mix a Fabric CD. I'm all about the saying 'good things come to those who wait!'

What have been your favourite Fabric moments over the past 15 years?
Wow, that's a good one. Every birthday i've been to there, one with jozif ending up dressed as little bo peep!!! An afterparty in room 3 where I got to play back2back with Magda for 3 hours, playing the closing set for the first time in room one, and hopefully tales of my CD launch there!!!

London's electronic/music/club scene continues to evolve - aside from Fabric which other parties, venues and promoters are pushing things in exciting directions?
I've really enjoyed my time at London Warehouse Event's parties at Tobacco Dock. The space is so vast you would think it shouldn't work, but they've totally pulled it off. Their LEAF festival was great, it was ace to hear interviews with Nile Rodgers and Laura Jones under the same roof!!! Kate Simko's live show with the London Electronic Orchestra was great also.

What have been the biggest changes you have noticed within London's electronic community over the past year?
House music is booming at the moment, but it seems we're still up against it with the government and councils. More clubs get shut down, more threats start appearing. Where do these people think we're all going to go? Do they think that if they shut all the clubs and revoke all the temporary licenses that people just will stop going out? Surely having people in a contained environment enjoying themselves is better than them partying on the street or illegally? It's a subject I could go on about for ages, but i'm just lucky and proud of the fact that the core community of London's clublife do stick together, and we will always find somewhere to express ourselves.

And which dancefloors around the UK do we need to check?
Again, there are so many it's hard to nail just one, but if you have never been to Glasgow for a party, then you have to head to Sub Club there. The place is only small, but the vibe will blow your mind!!!

Some of your best gigs around the world in the past 12 months have been...?
I recently played at Lost Beach in Ecuador. The club is in Montanita, which is a small surf town, but when the sun goes down, the place comes alive. I've only played at the outdoor venue, but they have recently built an indoor space also.

When away from the music and at home in London you can be found frequenting which establishments?
At the moment anything that involves babies!!!

Are Liverpool going to make the top 4?
Of course they are!!! Sterling can do one though…

fabric 81: Matt Tolfrey is out on fabric today. Matt Tolfrey launches fabric 81 on Saturday 25th April 2015, performing live as part of Kerb Staller and DJing alongside Cassy and Nail. See here for full party details and tickets. The album can be ordered / downloaded here.

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