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There was a time in British club culture when the music ruled the roost. Many moons away from VIP obsessed marketing and serialisation of DJ lifestyles, there was a halcyon period where this innovative and radical music breathed freely. At the forefront of such acid house new romanticism, championing a new musical style and form, and helping to lay the foundations for British club culture, was an inspirational figure and electronic music powerhouse - Colin Faver.


"Colin Faver is the root of it all." MR C 


The dance community has been saddened to learn of his death on the 5th September 2015. Regarded as one of the UK music scene's true pioneers, Faver undisputedly helped shape and forge the musical movement loved by so many today. A career spanning over 4 decades, he was a founder of pirate station Kiss FM and enjoyed a DJ career taking him around the globe as well as seminal UK dance meccas The Hacienda in Manchester, The Warehouse in Doncaster, Sterns in Worthing and The Orbit in Leeds.


When acid house exploded in London, Faver held residencies at the WAG Club in Wardour Street as well as Steve Strange's night at Heaven Nightclub alongside fellow luminaries Eddie Richards and Mark Moore. Remembering buying records from Favor in Pete Stennett's Walthamstow record shop Small Wonder, Moore says "looking like a punk hippy he was certainly an original. The day he cut his hair short we were completely stunned as he suddenly looked 10 years younger! But he never lost that spark of pioneering originality."


Eddie Richards recalls the first time he met Faver. "He was in the DJ cage and I called him over and we started talking. He showed me around while I was constantly asking questions about the music record shops and clubs and he was always receptive and open even though we had just met. I invited him up to Milton Keynes to DJ at the pub and he accepted. I can still picture Colin walking out from the railway station grinning with his spiky hair and his records in a black bin liner over his shoulder. It wasn't long after that he invited me to come down to London to audition for a new club that was starting in London. He must have know plenty of other DJs to ask but I suppose he saw something in me thankfully and I got the job. The club was the Camden Palace that was the start of my DJ journey. I spent 5 years there playing twice a week alongside Colin and learning the trade. He was a master at mixing and selection and I was his student. I learned a lot from him not just about the art of DJing but his Humility, Patience, Integrity and Respect for others had a big impression on me also. We started to include house music in our sets in about 1987 and I had an idea I put to Colin about making an Acid track out of samples and with his encouragement and through him playing "Acid Man" on his Kiss FM show the track was signed by Virgin Records & was one of the first acid tracks to reach the top 20 UK singles chart."


Faver became well-known with his long-running show on then pirate station Kiss FM, interviewing many influential artists over the years. In 1987 Mark Moore recalls him ringing up Derrick May's phone live on air hoping to get an impromptu interview. He got the answering machine but played Derrick's answer message over Nude Photo a couple of times.


Wednesday nights were reserved for Knowledge, a techno party which Faver ran with the late Jane Howard, his life partner Brenda Russell, and his regular DJ partner Colin Dale at Victoria's SW1 Club throughout. Dale remembers "the thing that really struck me about Colin was that he'd been instrumental to UK club culture but he had none of the big ego associated with many DJs. Probably the most influential DJ in the UK in regards to getting dance music out to the masses. From the early post punk days where he signed The Cure and Bauhaus, Camden Palace in the 80's, being one of the first to spin House music, the ground breaking shows at Kiss FM and Mi-Soul playing Neo-Soul, he was always an innovator who influenced many and always prepared to take risks. He will be sorely missed. He was a good friend and someone I had the pleasure of working with and I will always admired his integrity and learned much from him. He was a softly spoken Hero. Rest in Peace".


Some of WIld team had the pleasure of working with Faver through the UCMG music group with him compiling "Rewind: The Classics 2", a retrospective of seminal tracks that documented his love for house and techno music. His release and production forays were next to nothing. Instead, Faver focussed solely on the art of DJing - this was his passion. He was an incredible selector.


Our thoughts are with Brenda Russell and all family and friends. XXX



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