Nicolas Jaar's Other People Introduces... High Water


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UK Wide, United Kingdom
Words By The Wild Times Admin
Genre Music: Clubs & Nightlife
Subgenre Electronic / Dance
Published Monday 14th of October 2013


High Water is Will Epstein, one of the original members of Nicolas Jaar's band. His debut solo release comes on Other People, the subscription imprint from Nicolas Jaar. Available to stream this week and download for those who sign up for the service, Part 2 will follow next week.

High Water is a sparkling new fire clean up act that throws rain on your face and tears on your sandals. Hear the midnight grooves, the cherry blossom notes and the lightning orange trees--walk through the forest with a glass plated throat and those blue stockings that your mother gave you at your wedding. This stuff lights up your day. This stuff makes ya sing to your sweetheart. This stuff is golden noise for the back of your heart.

Will Epstein sings and screams and bangs on the boards--writing spells for a secret high. The wizard Sekret Khipu is a contributing producer and he lacerates the wind with his fist. Summoning a group of shifting incantations for its first release, The Beautiful Moon, High Water carves a path through the cracks in your consciousness and into the valley beyond. So at night, when the sounds begin to drip down from the stars and fall to the earth, lie back into a sweet coma and let the water rise up around you.

High Water 'The Beautiful Moon' EP
1. Railroad Song
2. Lord Of Light
3. Forest Eyes
4. Someday
Stream at

Other People is the new imprint from Nicolas Jaar. Servicing music via a free weekly online streaming service with downloads available for those who sign up to a subscription.