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Published Tuesday 12th of November 2013


East London Contemporary art gallery / curators, Hang-Up, announce their next exhibition - multimedia artist, Lauren Baker...

Hang-Up Gallery are delighted to announce their up coming show 'You Blow My Mind' by East London based multimedia artist Lauren Baker Art. The exhibition promises an intoxicating combination of neon lightning bolts, gold plated fingers, a 6ft infinity coffin and a pumping heart sculpture to name a few.

The show will take you on a journey through Lauren’s Enchanted Afterlife series of beautifully hand painted, embellished human skulls and antlers and then onto The Storm, an appreciation of science in the form of an incredible sound and light installation set up in room two of the gallery. The production will incorporate lightning bolts, smoke and crackling thunder. The artists recent work is heavily inspired by the incredible power of nature. She has creatively practiced with brand new materials to produce a show that will play with all of the senses and blow your mind.

The private viewing is Friday 6th December - the exhibition runs until 24th January 2014

To request a RSVP for the opening night, see the below link to send a request.